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Nastya, Bunny and Hedgehog Go Fishing - Fairy Tale

Once upon a time Nastya went fishing. She took her faithful friends Bunny and Hedgehog with her.

They came to the river and started unfolding their fishing rods. Bunny pinned a small carrot on the fish hook and threw his rod. Hedgehog pinned a mushroom and threw his rod, too. Nastya looked at Bunny and Hedgehog, smiled and on the fish hook she pinned… her favorite toy – a tiny plastic penguin.

- Why did you pin your toy? – Bunny asked her in surprise.

- Really, why? – Hedgehog was interested as well.

- It is my secret, - Nastya answered evasively. She threw the rod and prepared herself for waiting.

Three minutes didn’t pass yet when it started biting. The first to catch was Bunny – he pulled out a carrot carp. Hedgehog caught a mushroom pike, and Nastya pulled from the water… Catfish the King. Not even offended to be caught Catfish started his tale loudly:

- When I saw that someone of you threw the rod with the carrot I was amazed. When you threw the rod with the mushroom I was amazed even more. But when I saw the toy in the water there was no limit to my surprise! Right away I wanted to see who is so kind.

- I am, - Nastya confessed modestly.

- And you didn’t spare your favorite toy for me?

- No.

Having thought a little Catfish the King asked politely:

- May I give your penguin to my daughter-fishie?

- Sure! – Nastya agreed happily.

- Thank you. And I will give you a ring for that.

Сatfish kept his word and gave Nastia a small ring – not an ordinary one but a golden one.